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The steering column in a vehicle is the device that connects the steering wheel with the steering mechanism. The steering wheel is used to drive the car around, and turn the front wheels, which have to be connected in order for them to work. The steering wheel comes with an entire mechanism that helps it turn the wheel, and one of those is the steering column, the steering column is used to connect the steering wheel to its mechanism, so that it can work in a sync. Once the mechanism and the steering wheel is connected the driver can use the steering wheel to control the vehicle. The steering column is also offer the steering wheel some extra height, for drivers who prefer to have the steering wheel high instead of low. This is a great added feature, as the driver gets to pick the exact spot where the driver feels the steering wheel should be located.

You can find different variables of steering columns out there. Some will have tilt, where you press or depress a lever, allowing the entire column to shift up or down, giving you a more comfortable position to drive and reach the steering wheel.

Some will have switches made into them, such as a pulse wiper, turn signals and or headlight switches.

Most columns will still have the ignition switch with them as well. Make sure you tell our junkyard representatives that you would like the original key that was with the used steering column you wish to purchase. If not, or if it has already been sold, you will need to take your ignition switch and swap it out.  We carry all makes and models, as well as foreign and domestic steering columns. You can find the exact brands you want, by selecting the correct information on the used parts request. This gives our staff a better idea of which type of what specific vehicle to pull them from.

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