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used windshield washer reservoir

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The windshield washer reservoir is where the water that is used to wash the windscreen is stored. The windshield washer reservoir is located along the engine of the vehicle. This is located exactly on the left hand side of the engine in most vehicles. The windshield washer reservoir, is made out of heavy duty plastic that can take the heat that is generated by the engine, and can easily store the water. The windshield washer reservoir features a cap, that can be easily opened to fill water inside, and then can be closed back on. This water that is being stored in the windshield washer reservoir will be used when the windshield is required to be washed. The control for this is located inside the vehicle. As the driver has full control over the matter. As when running the wipers there are times when water needs to be added to apply a better cleaning process. This process is easily enabled by pulling in on a stick, that is located right behind the steering wheel. When the water in the windshield washer reservoir finishes, the driver is required to fill it back up manually each time. The system is easy to use, and each time the stick is gently pulled, the nozzles on the hood of the vehicle spray water on the windscreen.

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