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The evaporator is one of the two (maybe three) heat exchangers in a mobile A/C system. It is usually made up of aluminum, and somehow similar with radiator, but unlike the radiators the passages in the evaporator carry moving refrigerant. The cold, low-pressure liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator whereas the warm air passes through the evaporator by action of the blower fan from the interior part.

The evaporator is located inside the dashboard where refrigerant reaches and, evaporator is changed from liquid form to gas. If the evaporator is punctured \, the A/C system will not operate properly or possibly at all, and then we must replace the damaged evaporator to keep the interior cabin cool.

This evaporator is only included with the housing assembly, but it does not include the blower motor, resistor, or intake duct.

What could turn out badly with your AC Evaporator Housing?

Evaporator fails can for the most part be summed up in single word: leaks. Holes can happen for a couple of various reasons. For the most part, either a crease or weld has turned weak, making a break point, or erosion has happened, causing an “outside-in” failure. This regularly happens in light of the fact that leaves or other natural material enter the evaporator case through the outside air consumption vents and interact with the evaporator’s surface. This sodden environment causes deterioration of the natural materials, and can frame scathing destructive substances which can in the long run puncture the outside of the evaporator. These equivalent substances can likewise once in a while lead to a smell issue inside the vehicle, most recognizable when the framework is first worked. Different freshening up biocide treatments and drying modules are accessible to help with this issue. The evaporator blades are likewise vulnerable to obstructing from leaves and different garbage.

Whichever the sort of evaporator disappointment, it must be supplanted. And keeping in mind that an evaporator all by itself may not be (for most vehicles) an expensive part, contingent on its area (normally like warmer cores, profoundly covered underneath the instrument board) this is regularly a very tedious, and expensive fix.

However there are some industries which manufacture the best quality A/C Evaporator Housing i.e American Standard, Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Amana, Luxaire, Fujitsu, etc.

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