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There are various different types and styles of used seat tracks we sell here at Used Auto Parts Locators. A seat track in general is a mechanism that the vehicles seat mounts on top. The seat and then seat track are mounted to the base floor of the vehicle, securing it in place. A used seat track is generally made up of a left and right hand slide, that allows the vehicles seat to be moved forward and backward.

Manual Used Seat Track: typically only goes into a front and back position, and also has a lever that allows you to recline the upper back part of the seat for comfort and usability.

Electric Used Seat Track: is made of gears and motors, that allow different directional adjustments, such as height, forward, backward, lumbar increase or decrease, and more. Most newer vehicles have electric seat tracks for the front driver and front passenger seats in a vehicle. Giving optimal adjustments to how far from the dashboard their legs will reach.

How To Remove A Used Seat Track:

Disconnect any batteries, as well as any electronic plugs for any motors on the seat track. Clear the pathway of any personal debris, cups, trash, etc.

Remove any bolt covers that may be on the front and back part of the slides that hold the seat to the floor.

Remove any bolts or nuts that secure your seat track to your floor pan. After all floor secure bolts are removed, double check for any ground wires, plus, or clips.

Slowly remove the seat and its seat track all at once, this will give you a better angle with the seat and seat track removed from the vehicle.Then you will see the connection bolts that hold the actual track to the bottom part of the seat. Make sure you are documenting or remembering where each bolt goes.

TIP: Take pictures with your smart phone as you document the removal process. Any bolt, plug, clip or cover that you remove, snap a picture of in order, and work backwards when you go to reinstall your replacement used seat track onto your seat.

Used seat tracks are one of the first items we remove in our salvage yard, because they are the most ordered items in the junkyard and salvage yard industry. We carry used seat tracks for all makes and models, manual or electric.

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