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Used Auto Parts Locators is proud to announce that we can buy any scrap car, truck, van or SUV! Our process is quick and easy, and you can have an instant offer in no time! Here is how the process works:

#1 Provide Vehicle Info

Firstly, we will need basic information about your vehicle, to give you the best quote possible. 

#2 Get A Quote

Secondly, our staff will give you the best quote possible.

#3 Sell Your Junk Car



Finally, we will schedule for one of our tow trucks to come to your location, pay you cash, and drive away!


How Do You Junk My Car?

Excellent question! There are tons of websites out there who want you to sell them your vehicle. Why should you sell to us? Here is a few reasons you searched junk my car.

We Pay Better For Your Junk Car

We have always been the nations number one location to buy and sell used auto parts. However, we had a huge demand for people needing to sell their junk car. We decided instead of going to average route of buying vehicles from local insurance companies, auctions, and the unfortunate situation resulting from a wrecked car, truck, or SUV. We decided to allow average people, who have a simple problem sell us their junk cars. By cutting out the middle men (auctions, brokers, insurance, tow truck companies, etc.) we can pass the money onto the actual person who wants to sell us their car, YOU! 

We Make Selling Your Junk Car Easy

At the top of our webpage you have two simple options.

1. Call for a quote. You simply call into our junk my car sales center, and provide our agents with all of the information they need. They will walk you through the pain less, and simple option to get your vehicle sold. You do not have to only have a “wrecked” vehicle. We also buy non running, poorly running, no engine, no transmissions, no wheels vehicles. We want whatever it is you have. 

2. You can also use our simple, easy to use web forms to Get A Quote.

Provide all of the information, get a quote, without speaking to a agent. If you want to accept the offer we provide to you, we will be in contact immediately to get all of the small details worked out. 

What Do You Consider A Junk Car?

Below we have listed some common issues that could make your vehicle classified as “junk car” or “junk vehicle”. Weather you searched online for: junk my car, junk my vehicle, junk my truck, junk my van, junk my SUV, or more, we have you covered. A junk vehicle, is mostly a vehicle that is very old in age, or has been wrecked, damaged, or not running what so ever. No matter the condition of the vehicle, if you own it, and need to get rid of it, we want to buy it! Most cases, we have seen that people are in the situation where the vehicle will cost them 2x to 5x the value of the vehicle to repair. Unless you do the work yourself, and have the skills and time. This situation is when a person would contact us to get an offer and sell their junk vehicle. We buy them because we are able to remove valuable parts and resell them as used auto parts. We have grown to have over 35k junk yards in our network, and can sell the vehicle very quickly.

1. Damaged – the vehicle has been in an accident, engine is not functioning, transmission isn’t working. No brakes, weather damaged is also a contributor. 

2. No Title or State Registration To Drive The Vehicle – basically means you could not legally drive the vehicle even if you wanted to.

3. Not Running –  any issues that could cause the vehicle to not move with its own power and function.

Junk My Car With No Cost

We have a unique system and infrastructure in place, that will cost you $0 to sell us your junk car. To get started, please use the two options above to get a quote. We want to be 100% flexible and up front with our customers. We feel having a clear idea of how much you can sell the junk car for will help get the trust and process started. You will not have to tow or pay to have the junk car or truck moved. We cover all of that. Feel free to call us at anytime you have questions. There is NO COMMITMENT using our system and salvage network.