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All of us here at love cars. Racing, cruising, and even repairing our own vehicles. Anyone who has ever repaired a vehicle knows that salvage yards can have some of the best engines, transmissions, body parts, and OEM parts that cost just a fraction less than buying them new. But we were restricted to just our local area salvage yards. You can also search and purchase used engines. Other “claimed” solutions on line was a joke, scam, or waste of our time. We decided to compile a huge database of salvage yards in every single city in the United States, and place them into a searchable system. Our locator is easy to use, its free, and solves a major problem anyone looking for parts has! The value we bring to you, is there may be a specific color, or part number, that is on any plain yard, in a salvage yard states away, and not at your local salvage yard. We have connected the dots between you and the salvage yard that has your special part, unique to your vehicle, in stock. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing, “Sorry we don’t carry that part.”

Plus we all know how over priced the local auto parts stores can be as well. By using our Used Auto Parts Locator, it gives you a chance to: 1. Find the part you need. 2. Help create jobs. 3. Save the planet by recycling. 4. Saving yourself a bunch of money in the process. With over 14,000 car part junkyards and salvage yards in our inventory system, the auto part you are trying to locate is just a click away. Our well trained staff, has a combined 57 plus years experience is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Yo get started, select your year vehicle, and follow the prompts to search for the parts you need today. For a more local experience you can try visiting Used Auto Parts Locators, to find used auto parts near you.

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