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The Heater/AC Control are located inside the vehicle, their design and location depends on the vehicle and its model, but the most common design they come in is a round dial. This dial has two extremes, one side is for cool air, and the other side is for hot air. The remaining area of the dial is a lower intensity of the heating or cooling system. As it goes down from the extreme, these controls can be used to set the level of heat and cold air intensity that should be thrown into the vehicle. The controls are easy to handle, but the main button for AC and heater is the same. This button can be found separately, or in the middle of the thermostat dial. These controls can easily be access from the driver’s seat, and are usually placed in the middle of the driver and the passenger seat, where the other features are present.

The heater and air conditioner in your vehicle is an unpredictable get together that is comprised of various parts. At the point when any of these parts comes up short, you’ll have an issue directing the temperature inside your ride. One of the parts helpless to failure in your vehicle’s warming and air conditioning unit is the A/C and heater control, that unit which is comprised of dials and catches used to manage cooling and warming in your vehicle. It can fizzle in view of different reasons, among which are:

Ill-advised utilization of the ac heater controls, can before long reason the handle or catches to wind up harmed.

Awful Shocks causing extreme shaking that can cause breakage or cracking of the part.

Ordinary mileage. Following quite a while of utilization, the unit can wind up grimy, and worn.

Regardless of what the explanation for the failure of the A/C and heater control unit in your vehicle, it is imperative that you replace it. There are numerous replacement decisions in the market, and you can even discover OE parts that can work like the first part in your auto. You should simply pick the correct one. So what are your decisions?

Switch Type

Every one of the A/C and heater control units work similarly, however they contrast in their outer plan, principally in the structure of the switch incorporated with them. There are commonly three kinds of switch:


This is an adjusted dial that you essentially need to swing to control the settings in your air conditioner and heater. For example, you can turn the dial to a specific number so as to control the speed of the blower or fan. This is really simple to utilize and is perfect on the off chance that you need a conventional look on your dash.


Much the same as the name infers, this unit is comprised of catches that you basically need to press to control the task of the heater and air conditioner. The benefit of this kind of switch is the comfort by which it very well may be utilized it doesn’t require much exertion to work.


This kind of switch includes the utilization of a little handle that you climb to down, or left to right, and after that back, so as to get the ideal temperature settings in your vehicle. The preferred standpoint with this sort of switch is the flexibility by which it very well may be balanced.

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