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A leaf spring in the rear of the vehicle, are used as a basic form of suspension; that is made using layers of heavy duty steel of different sizes. These layers are then sandwiched together, one of the top of another, and that is how the leaf spring is created. Most of these leaf spring for the rear of vehicles are formed to look like an elliptical shape. These leaf springs are allows flex when pressure is added from either sides. The steel used in them is cut out in rectangular sections, and held together using metal clips on the side, and large bolt in the middle of the leaf spring. This ensures that these leaf springs will not budge, and provide the service they are required to. The elasticity in these leaf spring allows for a pliancy, that is found in the suspension for an added level of control and comfort while the vehicle is moving.

Leaf springs for most trucks, vans, and SUV’s are not affected when involved in an accident. We carry all domestic and foreign vehicles and we do inventory all leaf springs, because of the durability and strength. Most of our junkyards in the south sell the most, due to the less exposure to salty roads you see up north. It is very highly recommended to put in fresh bushings and hardware when you purchase used leaf springs. This will insure that you will have covered all of the bases when it comes to being prepared, and doing your due diligence when it comes to replacing a bad leaf spring with used leaf springs.

Our junkyard can ship some models of leaf springs through regular USPS or UPS packaging. For the larger and commercial trucks that have oversize leaf springs, we will palletize them, inspect on last time to make sure there is no issues, and ship.

Our preferred vendors on our used parts network will also ship any used leaf springs from their junkyards and salvage yards. Please make sure you provide accurate information about your vehicle, and how to get your quote to you quickly.




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