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In automotive engineering, an exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe.

When an engine starts its exhaust stroke, the piston moves up the cylinder bore, decreasing the total chamber volume. When the exhaust valve opens, the high pressure exhaust gas escapes into the exhaust manifold or header, creating an ‘exhaust pulse’ comprising three main parts:

The high-pressure head is created by the large pressure difference between the exhaust in the combustion chamber and the atmospheric pressure outside of the exhaust system. Most exhaust systems have catalytic converters, resonators which results from trying to reduce carbon emissions. This also helps keep the exhaust quiet.

As the exhaust gases equalize between the combustion chamber and the atmosphere, the difference in pressure decreases and the exhaust velocity decreases. This forms the medium-pressure body component of the exhaust pulse

The remaining exhaust gas forms the low-pressure tail component. This tail component may initially match ambient atmospheric pressure, but the momentum of the high and medium-pressure components reduces the pressure in the combustion chamber to a lower-than-atmospheric level.

We have thousands of used exhaust manifolds that are made for 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, and 8 cylinder engines. Some engines you will need to specify if you need a certain side, referred to LH exhaust manifold to RH exhaust manifold.

Most of the time, in cases we have seen, an exhaust manifold are made of cast iron. This material rusts, and breaks down over time, as it is exposed to weather. Resulting in cracks, or even breaks. Most newer vehicles will use aluminum that is tig welded, to insure strength and durability. This will help make the exhaust manifold last over time. We carry an assortment of used exhaust manifolds for all makes and models, foreign and domestic. Simply fill out a used parts request, with specific information of your vehicle. We will display results matching your vehicles in our inventory.

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