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The Compressor is known as the “heart” of air conditioning system. It creates the heat by developing an extremely high pressure in the air conditioning refrigerant. As the pressure and temperature are related, we can see how high pressure refrigerant is actually hot.

The A/C Compressor consists of the compressor itself and the clutch assembly which is a combination of three parts; the hub, pulley, and coil. It consists of 2 ports, an inlet and outlet, or ‘suction’ and ‘discharge’ respectively. The suction port is, always has the hole of larger diameter. Refrigerant is ‘sucked’ into the compressor, compressed, and ‘discharged’ through the outlet, headed for the condenser. The complex series of passageways, valves, bearings, and other components are present inside the compressor, including several types of pumps i.e. piston type, rotary vane, and scroll.

The cold refrigerant flows into the evaporator core, which is located in or right at the dash. The blower motor blows air across the evaporator core. As the warm air moves across the evaporator, the heat is removed from it, transferred to the refrigerant, and cold air enters the passenger compartment. Warm refrigerant leaves the evaporator, and heads back towards the A/C Compressor, where the cycle begins again.

Howbeit, before buying, A/C compressors three elements must have kept in mind Quality, Reliability and Value. The famous A/C compressors from all over the world are Denso, Direct Industry, Danfoss, etc.

In Detailed Explanation:

At the point when the A/C is on, the blower sucks low weight refrigerant in, and packs it to high-weight, hot refrigerant. The refrigerant goes to the condenser, which is found just before the radiator. From there, the hot refrigerant goes through a progression of cylinders. Air blowing over the condenser blades chills the refrigerant off. At more prominent paces, the air from movement is sufficient to cool the refrigerant. At lower speeds or when out of gear, there are cooling fans or a fan grip that move air over the condenser. The cooler refrigerant moves from the condenser and heads for the evaporator center. Before coming to the evaporator, the refrigerant must go through an extension gadget, either a hole cylinder or development valve. The extension gadget limits the stream of the refrigerant, giving it a chance to go through a little hole. As the refrigerant goes through this hole, it grows rapidly, and swings to exceptionally cool fluid. A comparative impact can be seen when you blow hard through a straw. The air leaving the finish of the straw is a lot cooler that the air leaving your lungs. Put a little water in your mouth and ‘fog’ it as you blow, and the water will feel quite cool. Same impact at the extension gadget.

The cool refrigerant streams into the evaporator center, which is situated in or comfortable dash. The blower engine blows air over the evaporator center. As the warm air moves over the evaporator, the warmth is expelled from it, exchanged to the refrigerant, and cold air enters the traveler compartment. Warm refrigerant leaves the evaporator, and heads back towards the A/C Compressor, where the cycle starts once more.

The aggregator or recipient drier (collectors are on the low side, beneficiary driers on the high side) contain a desiccant pack which channels flotsam and jetsam, and go about as a store for refrigerant oil. An A/C framework will have just a gatherer or beneficiary drier, not both.

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