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Heater control assembly is a small product that allows for the heating system of vehicles to function properly. In a vehicle is designed to keep the driver and the passengers warm during the winters. The cooling system of the vehicle is also connected to the heating system, and with a turn of the dial, the driver can easily switch from cool air to hot air. The heating system of the vehicle consists of a core heater blower fan/ motor, heater hose, and controls. The working of the heater has nothing to do with the heat that the engine is generating, as that heat will be cooled using coolants, and this heat will be created using the heating system in the vehicle. The heating system in the vehicle is essential, as it will be the only thing keeping the passengers and the driver warm in cold weather; by producing and spreading hot air inside the vehicle. Most of the time, this works when the engine is running, producing heat that is transferred through the coolant, that is pumped by a water pump, and circulated not only in the radiator, but also the heater core itself. The blower motor acts just the same as the motor in your home, and air passes over the small aluminum fins, that have been heated up because of the transfer of hot coolant.

Sometimes you will find just controls for the actual heater, because certain models will not come equipped with A/C. These controls will sometimes just control the speed at which the blower motor is spinning, pushing hot air out into the cabin. Other styles may include the circulate the air that is already inside the cabin, or to allow a duct to open, bringing in fresh air, that will pass over the coils and either cool down, and heat up.

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