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Ford produced the first Ford truck in 1917, and it was called Ford TT. The vehicle was sold for $600, and had a payload capacity of one ton. Back in those days, the main way to haul heavy materials was the traditional horse and buggy system, train and slower more complex forms of transportation. The innovative design of a vehicle with a large open space (truck bed) would enable the average person to haul more materials, conduct business faster, and get more jobs done.

After the second world war, Ford came out with the F series trucks, which had a range from the standard F1 (half ton) to cab over trucks. Box trucks, and different variations with powerful (at that time) engines and transmissions. By being innovative during its history, Ford could accommodate various customers using the same frame/bare bones designs. Because of Ford’s amazing assembly lines, all of this was easily possible.

The second generation ranging from 1953-1956, is when the new naming styles were used. Examples include: F100, F250, F350. Broader, more slick lines in the body design, and interior upgrades such as lighting, comfort, and reliability started to really shine during this time period. The flat head V8 engine was replaced with over head cam V8 engines as well.  This generation really started to give us a good idea of the future vehicles that was quickly to come.

Later models would improve fuel economy by using less gasoline consuming engines. The introduction of aerodynamics, and engineering would also render the later models of Ford F series trucks as industry leading. Ford also produced heavy duty trucks and vans which ran from diesel fuel. The ability to adapt and innovate, gives Ford Motor Company the leading advantage to design and performance in their trucks and vehicles overall. Ford also was able to perfect the automatic transmissions that worked great with the powerplants installed in these trucks. More gears, offer lower RPM cruising, which helps tremendously with fuel economy and power. Ford also introduced turbocharged engines, providing the power you would get from large V8 style motors, but also provided the fuel economy of a 4-6 cylinder engine.

Ford also designed more compact style trucks called the Ford Ranger. Smaller trucks that would appeal to average American households that needed to haul smaller loads, offer good fuel economy, and comfort for road travel. In 2021, Ford released news of an Ford Lightning, which  would be an all electric truck. Being one of the first major US auto manufacturers to offer this type of vehicle to the public. The new Ford Lighting will have towing capacity of up to 10,000 lbs, have up to 560hp, and offer the latest technology in the market. Range will be ideal, and a very good replacement to the fossil fuel burning powerplants that have been installed in Ford trucks for decades.

We can all agree that Ford Motor Company produces great trucks. Contractors, farmers, and average Americans depend on the versatility and power the Ford trucks have to offer. Our salvage yard never misses an opportunity to buy these trucks and vans at our auto salvage auctions. With great detail, we insure the parts we put into our inventory will be working properly, and most of all, save you money. Ford also produces its own individual parts for their vehicles, and it is proven to be more affordable to buy a gently used auto part that is made by the manufacturer, than cheap, low quality aftermarket parts.  Most people would rather spend the money to buy the parts, and have their current vehicles repaired, than spend thousands of dollars for newer vehicles. If you are on a budget, or if you have a need to find used Ford truck parts, Used Auto Parts Locators is here to help you.

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