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The spoiler is located on the rear end of the vehicle, on top of the trunk. The spoiler comes in different shapes and sizes, and can easily be added to vehicles. The spoilers main function is to spoil the air movement, when the vehicle is in motion. The spoiler is used to create turbulence, which can lead to an increase in the drag. The spoilers that are situated at the front of the vehicle are called ari dams. These spoilers are often added to high sports cars of high performance race cars; but they can be added to normal vehicles too. Whereas, some spoilers are purely for adding style to the vehicle, others are to add more aerodynamic benefits. Spoilers are often mistaken for wings, but wings are entirely different in nature than spoilers. A spoiler is made using different material, and it depends on the exact spoiler what material has been used. Similarly they come in different colours and different design patterns. Where some are simple, other spoilers are multicoloured.

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