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The heater core, is much like a radiator; which is used to heat the vehicle. There are hot coolants that are being passed through the vehicles engines using a winding tube. A heater core is an integral part of the vehicle’s cooling system, and consists of small tubes, and fins that disperse heat.

The heater core is the main component that allows the heating system in a vehicle to function. The main task of the heater core is to circulate coolants through its small tubes; these coolants enter through the heaters hose, and go out through the other house. This produces heat that is then passed to through the vents. Another job of the heater core is to ensure that the defroster of the vehicle is functioning properly; which is linked to the air conditioning system. The heater core is found in all vehicles that support an air conditioning system, as they are both connected to each other.

Dual zone climate control systems have a heater core that’s spilt in two, that will allow the driver and front-seat passenger to choose their own cabin temperature, and often with a fan triggered by a temperature sensing fan or blending door. Some high-end luxury models and large SUVs even an extra heater core, to allow rear-seat passengers to regulate their own temperatures as well.

After your vehicle has been running for a while, and you can clearly see the engine temperature is at normal operating temperature, and your heater is blowing out cold air, that is an indication that you either have a leak leading up to the heater core, or the heater core itself has a leak. In the event that your vehicle is not warmed up to operating temperature, which can be seen via your instrument cluster, you may have issues somewhere else in the thermostat, or coolant delivery system.

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