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used Chevrolet truck parts

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We carry used Chevrolet truck parts in stock!

Ever since the beginning of the 1918 Chevrolet has produced some of America’s most reliable and hardworking pickup trucks. This amazing work horse is trusted by millions of men and women around the world. From hauling materials, working on the family farm, to towing other vehicles, Chevrolet trucks are powerful, trustworthy, and have an iconic brand name behind them.

Truck enthusiasts to this day, will prefer older model Chevrolet trucks because of the slick looks, powerful engines which include: 350 cubic inch V8, the powerful LS platform engines (4.8l, 5.3l, 6.0l and 6.2l powerplants), and for those who need large horsepower and torque, Chevrolet produces trucks with diesel engines too. Electric is becoming a major trend in the automobile industry, and rumor has it, Chevrolet is designing an electric powered Silverado as well.

The first Chevrolet truck was built in my hometown of Flint, MI back in 1918. In the beginning, they sported an engine with a governor of 25mph. Eventually later on in the 1930’s, due to demand, Chevrolet started producing panel trucks, and box trucks too.  1940’s Chevrolet redesigned its half ton trucks to appeal to younger generations. Broad lines, smooth panels, and comfortable interior was just the beginning.

Chevrolet even started to produce smaller more compact style trucks called the El Camino, which holds a special place in the hearts of many.  They manufactured two generations of the Chevrolet El Camino, from 1968-1972, and 1973-1977. The final El Camino rolled off the line in 1987, and has not been produced since. Fans in Australia, and America have begged for the El Camino to be revived, but nothing so far is in the works.

A revolution started in the 2000’s when Chevrolet produced the Silverado’s that had the LS engine platform. Bringing more power to a fuel injected V8 engine. LS engines are special, and are swapped in the various models of Silverado’s and vehicles everyday. Simplicity is a favorite, and like most Chevrolet vehicles the parts can be interchangeable. Our salvage yard specializes in LS swaps, bringing affordable and reliable engines and transmissions to our Chevrolet loving base. Our swaps include the engine, transmission, ECM, wiring harness, and factory mounts. All engines and transmissions are thoroughly tested and inspected before we pull them.

Chevrolet Truck Parts Locally

Using our large auto salvage network, we have strategically placed our locations all over the United States, in all 50 states. We would be honored to have you come and visit our local yards to see the selection and inventory yourself. In any case, if we don’t have a specific part you need at the time, we can order it and have it delivered to your local yard or shipped directly to your door.  For decades, Used Auto Parts Locators has taken pride in the automotive DIY and enthusiast, and our reputation is built on serving you.

As time progresses, you can always count on Chevrolet trucks to get the job done for whatever task you have in mind. Dependability and low cost to maintain and own make this a no brainer choice when it comes to selection. Our salvage yard carries tons of models with various years from 1960’s to current. For over 100 years, Chevrolet has been through a depression, 2 World Wars, recessions, ups and downs, and continued to be innovative for its customers. Being Chevrolet fans ourselves ( we love other brands too) we save as many parts on these trucks that we can. Passing them along to hardworking Americans who are wanting to keep that wonderful piece of historic American art and pride on the road.

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We locate high quality used auto parts from top rated auto recyclers who are rigorously tested and evaluated. We want to provide top notch service to our customers who are needing auto salvage parts for their vehicle. No junk allowed with us!

Buy Used Chevrolet Truck Parts and used auto parts with confidence!

Used Car Parts & Truck Parts Save You Money! Period.

All of the Used Chevrolet Truck Parts we locate for you are in grade A shape, and guaranteed to function and work properly or your money will be refunded.