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A sliding door is a special type of hinged or “hung” door that is mounted (most of the time) on the rear passenger side of a van. It allows entry into the rear seating compartments, or the rear compartment for moving and placing items into said van.

Sliding Van Doors usually come manual, which is opened like your traditional car door, with a manual door mounted handle. Because of the design, it takes little effort to open and close these style of doors.

Newer Honda Odysseys, Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona’s, Ford Transit, and more now use a powered rear sliding door. With the touch of a button or your key FOB, you can choose to pen or close the rear sliding door. This comes in handy if your hands are full of groceries, heavy objects, children, etc.

When we get vans into our salvage yards, we immediately look at the condition of the sliding doors. If the door sheet metal is damaged, we will salvage the actual mechanized (and non mechanized) motors that open and close the doors. It makes replacing a used rear sliding door on a van seem easier when you don’t have to unmount an entire door. If the motor or mechanism is the issue, a simple removal of the batter terminal, removal of interior parts or pieces, and replacement of the motor or mechanism will fix your problem.

Pocket Doors are sliding doors that disappear when the door compartment is opened up and goes into the rear body of the vehicle.  Most of the times delivery vans are the types of vehicles that use this style of rear sliding doors on their vans.


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